Senior Resource Guide

Senior Resource Guide


My name is Kathy Bryant and I am a Senior Residential Specialist with EXL Realty. Are you thinking about moving closer to family or closer to relaxation? Are you concerned with how and where to begin? Do you have years of cherished belongings? Are you overwhelmed with questions about what to do? The answers to these and many other questions and concerns are as varied as the individual.

I recognize that it often takes years to decide when to move. The importance of addressing these questions early on cannot be overstated. One of the biggest mistakes is to miss an opportunity. Many people put off until tomorrow what can and should be done today. It is imperative to align yourself with professionals who specialize in assisting senior citizens and their families.

With real empathy and caring my program, “Your Life, Your Move, Your Terms” was developed. It is meant to empower you and ensure that you are in good hands. My mission is to give the gift of knowledge and a true sense of caring to my clients. It is my goal to earn your trust and help however I can. I do this by being here to answer your questions, refer you to trusted resources and support you along the way.

Always remember, it is my desire to help you live your life on your terms.



Not all Realtors® are the same

It has become very important for active adults (50+) and seniors with specialized needs to hire a Realtor® who is specially trained in the issues of aging. Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRES®) are qualified to address the needs of home buyers and sellers ages 50+. The SRES® designation is awarded to National Association of Realtors® member agents who have successfully completed its educational program.

Most Realtors® with the SRES® designation work with an extensive network of people, who specialize in eldercare issues such as estate planning, tax planning, reverse mortgages and so on. These specialists can refer you to qualified and trustworthy colleagues based on your special needs.

Some of the most important decisions you make in your life will happen as you conceive plans for your retirement years. For most, it takes planning and fine tuning to make the senior years comfortable and manageable. You will run into many decisions and challenges. Having experts by your side will help you determine your needs and prioritize them. This expertise will go a long way towards alleviating stress and give you guidance during a time when you need it most.

One of the first decisions you will make is what type of home is best suited to your specific needs at this time in your life. Should you purchase a new home designed to help you age in place? Should you to redesign your current living quarters to meet your aging needs? If you are looking to purchase a new home or sell your current one, Senior Real Estate Specialists® are here to guide you.

We are trained to help you through your aging in place home search, financial options and the changing and sometimes complicated laws that pertain to the buying or selling process. SRES® know the ins and outs of buying a home for aging seniors. Backed by sensitivity and understanding, an SRES® will have the ability to counsel you through financial and lifestyle matters. Most important by selecting an SRES®, like Kathy Bryant, you will have the confidence to know you have someone to help you find housing solutions to improve your quality of life while you are relocating, refinancing or selling your home.

Making the decision to sell the family home is a difficult one. The decision is emotional for you, your children, and sometimes even your grandchildren. I want to help. I am a Senior Real Estate Specialist® and want to be an advocate for you and help you decide whether it is time to sell your home.

Downsizing to a smaller, low-maintenance property can have many benefits. In addition to having more time and money, it can be easier to live in a home without stairs to climb or in a home that is accessible.

When you’re thinking of downsizing to a smaller home, here are some important questions to ask:
  • Does your home provide the best environment for the physical needs you have?
  • Do you have trouble performing the routine maintenance of your large home?
  • Is it difficult finding workers and service people to help you take care of your existing home?
  • Is your home isolating you from friends who already moved away from the neighborhood?
  • Are finances keeping you from enjoying the home you’ve loved for so many years?
  • Do you feel you have adequate security where you are?
  • Do you feel you have proper access to medical care in your present home?
Don’t try to downsize your belongings on your own.

Share this project with family members and friends. I care about you and about letting you decide how to get where you want to be – by listening and lending support.

~Thank you for giving me the opportunity to discuss the benefits of allowing me to serve your real estate needs. I believe that quality mixed with excellent service is the foundation for a successful business relationship. I look forward to assisting you with whatever your home ownership dreams may be.

I am thankful for great clients like you. I’d love to assist others just like you! If you know of anyone else in need of my professional services, please share my name and number. I look forward to making your friends my friends in the very near future!

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